Alia's Letters

Choose to see the good

I quit my job few months ago. Let’s say that it was no longer fulfilling.

At first I took a vacation. I ate many delightful dishes, even cooked and went wild shopping.

Afterwards followed a really peaceful period. I did a lot of relaxing activities like reading, writing or going to the movies. I watched many TV series in this period and played one of these cool real time strategy games, with a castle [:)].

But what I enjoyed most in these last months was creating fashion sets on Polyvore and interacting with their amazing community. I can say that I became addicted to it and don’t think I can live without it in the near future.

However, around two months ago I started having the feeling that something was missing, that I want more. So I started looking for a job.

I applied for around million jobs and went to a few interviews. Some company didn’t even reply to my application, others rejected me from the very first stage. Few made offers that were below my expectations.

It took a while to find something that I really like, and in this period that seems never-ending I reached a point where I was feeling hopeless. But I knew that this is just a phase in my life, just another cycle, and I focused on the positive aspects of it. I made the most of my free time and looking back I don’t regret a thing.

Of course, I am not encouraging you to quit your job. What I’m trying to say is that there is always something around the corner, always two sides of a story,  always an alternative to choose. You just need to choose to see the good part.

What matters most is to be happy.


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